Introductory Statement by Dr. John Herzog

Being involved in medicine as a career for the past 35 years prompted the following insights.

My first insight was that simple is better. The more complicated a treatment gets with various drug  related procedures the less likely patients’ health seemed to improve and in many cases complications from the drug created still further problems.

My second insight was that prevention of problems is by far the most important treatment. Basically by the time you are exhibiting symptoms of a disease or malady it’s very hard to reverse.

My third revelation was that natural treatment is far and away superior to synthetic chemicals. Our bodies can easily tolerate other substances that are made in nature but kick back to artificial ingredients.

In training to be an osteopathic orthopedic surgeon one must first accomplish pre-graduate training and four years of osteopathic school. The next hurdle is to be accepted into an internship where you spend one year devoted to all the disciplines of medicine including obstetrics, emergency treatment and internal medicine. The theory is that when you have exposure to all areas of medicine you can come out of training and be a well-rounded physician. The next step in becoming an orthopedic surgeon you must spend at least four extra years training in the discipline of both conservative and aggressive surgical treatment. After that you can choose to spend an extra year sub specializing as I did.

Now having been a board-certified orthopedic surgeon for over three decades has taught me a lot. It has also emboldened me with the insight to question medical judgment and procedures. I find myself reverting back to the first realizations I had in my medical practice. By keeping it simple attempting to prevent disease with natural products made total sense. With this goal in mind I have employed experts in the field to develop the most natural bio nutraceutical compound available to support and regenerate your stem cells. More on the stem cell later but trust me if you want to rejuvenate and become pain-free your stem cells are your best ally so they require support.

As an orthopedic surgeon and co-developer of the nutraceutical Matrix SCS Stem Sell Support, let me refer you to the article published in the Washington Post February 28, 2019 .  My personal experience as stated in this article prompted me to explore a natural and safer option for stem cell support.