Why the Matrix SCS Stem Cell Support ®

A sub-clinical deficiency is one in which the body lacks sufficient amount of a nutrient or group of nutrients to function optimally.  This may be exhibited by a lack of energy, lethargy, muscle aches and point pain of which are initial signs that the body is not functioning optimally.  In order to combat this situation, the most critical element with the body is the stem cell.

At this juncture it is important to understand what the stem cell is and does.  The stem cell is the master cell in the body, meaning the other cells are regenerated  by the stem cell.  The body can turn a stem cell into a skin cell, a brain cell , a red blood cell, etc.  By the age of 40, a person has lost 90% of their stem cells.  One might ask what and how can one remedy this deficiency.  The answer would be well before the age of 40 and by introducing the proper nutritional supplementation into the body.

Matrix SCS Stem Cell Support ® combines 18 ingredients that have been scientifically and clinically researched to promote and support stem cell growth.  The bio-availability of a supplement is critical to its performance and must break down within 40 minutes in order to be absorbed and utilized by the body.

The Matrix SCS™, with a pharmaceutrical delivery system, breaks down in half the time necessary.

Who should incorporate the Matrix SCS™ into their daily regimen?

The product is not gender biased and is also vegan friendly.  The product utilizes vegetarian glucosamine (GreenGrown®) .  The major health benefits of Matrix SCS™ are:

  1. Stem Cell Regeneration
  2. Cardiovascular Support
  3. Liver Health
  4. Joint Health
  5. Anti-Aging and Antioxidants/ Free Radical Protection
  6. Energy Enhancement

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